Jan 27


I’m not sure who made up the rule that it’s not ok to talk about mental health, but I think that person is stupid. I talk about it, write about it, cry about it and laugh about it, and that brings me to my first tip thst helps me manage my anxiety. 


(Should probably point out here that I’m not at all trained in psychology, this is purely from my own experience and chatting with others.)  




If you’re feeling anxious - tell someone! Whether it be your partner, a friend or a professional - talking helps! It is as much a normal conversation for me with friends as complaining about period pain is. 

I think once I started talking about my feelings, and purely labelling the feeling as anxiety, I began to normalise it. Because feeling anxious about feeling anxious is the fucking worst - am I right!?  



Self care doesn’t have to be fancy. Whilst treating yourself to a massage or a facial is amazing, it’s not always practical. Eating your favourite food, watching a movie, seeing friends, organising your pantry, walking your dog, having a nap, taking a long shower, buying something for yourself are all examples of self help (the list is literally endless!).  




For me distraction is fantastic. The feeling WILL pass - even if it seems like it won’t in the moment. I generally acknowledge it first using a mindfulness technique I learnt from my psychologist, and then try to go on with something. It might be work, cleaning, exercising, or even just being present while you’re relaxing. More often than not, when I think about it again, my anxiety has decreased dramatically or even gone.  



Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is getting dressed and to the gym (or wherever). And sometimes rest is just what the doctor ordered. But mostly, for me, it’s not. The entire process of sweating makes me feel good mentally. I feel proud that I got my arse moving and the endorphin high is amazing. For me even surrounding myself with people helps (even though I feel like hibernating).  




I can not stress this enough. There is no shame in seeking professional help. I do. And I know so many others that do too. I personally see a GP, a psychologist and am medicated for my anxiety. If you are not sure if you need it - speak to your GP and get a mental health care plan. Oh, and don’t be deterred if you don’t gel with your psychologist/health care professional. I got lucky on my third (after two terribly awkward others!) 


Anxiety is a normal feeling. You are not broken or diseased!! Butttt, when anxiety interferes with your daily life - you just need some support :)


I hope you have a wonderful day!  

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