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The month to focus on you. Self love. Self care. Me, me, me, meeeeeeeee. Awwwwww yeahhhh!
Self prioritising behaviour was once seen as selfish, but we now know it's NEEDED for us to perform at our best. Fill. That. Cup. Uppppp.
5 ideas of what you can do this month to look after the most important person in your life. (Hint: it's YOU!)
Buy yourself something nice. Hop online or head in store and buy yourself something. It might be an $8 pair of undies or a $200 dress - but make sure it's something just for you! A house plant, a new mascara, that handbag you keep looking at - get. It. Girllllll
Cook yourself a meal that makes you feel happy. Or buy it if that makes you happier!! This might be an ice cream at the servo right to spending hours in the kitchen making lasagne.

Spend a full day (or even a few hours) resting. Get your couch on and feet up. Or hop in bed with a book. Or sit outside with a magazine. 
Organise something in your life. Sometimes we put off this job, but if you're like me, once you start it's actually a wonderful process - and the feeling afterwards is like a weight off your shoulders. Clean the pantry. Book in your Pap test. Go through your clothes - donate, sell, cull! Fill in your calendar with important dates.

Pamper yo'self! Take the time to go get your nails done - or do them yourself. Go book in for a massage - hell, book yourself for a whole package!! Wash and blow dry (hellooooo head massage!), eyebrow wax, pedi... the list goes on.
Self care is not selfish. Look after you - this month and always 

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