Feminism - Not An Ugly Word

Feminists, by definition, believe in equality. Last year I had some really interesting conversations on my Instagram stories about why people didn't identify as a feminist - and there was an overwhelming response about assumptions that feminists looked a certain way or acted a certain way, and they didn't tick those boxes and therefore believed they didn't identify as a feminist. Once we dug deeper - many of these people realised they were, in fact, feminists. 
So let's chat about some assumptions.
While some feminists are loud and proud and find themselves writing blogs and designing feminist t-shirts (haha), many - probably even most - are just regular humans with a belief that women are actually pretty great.
Feminists can dress traditionally feminine. Make up, dresses, blow dried hair doesn't make you any less of a feminist than someone in pants and a feminist tee (I know a lady about to sell some - stay tuned!!). 
Feminists can remove hair. They may choose not to, but you don't need hairy armpits to be a feminist. 
Feminists don't have to share their views via social media and rallies. In my opinion, it's enough to have the opinion - if you don't feel ready to shout it from the rooftops (literally or figuratively), that's ok.
Most feminists don't hate men. Some feminists do, but some non feminist women do too. The idea behind feminism is that we believe in equality - that men and women are both great humans. Not to complicate the matter, but feminists tend to hate misogyny - a belief system deeeeeeply embedded in some men (and other genders for that matter).
I hope you liked my little feminist chat (and some shameless upcoming product plugs because I wasn't sure what other photos to add) xxx 

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