Go Big And Go Home

5 years ago we bought a 2 acre block of land just out of town in Bowral. At the time we were planning a wedding and didn't want too much on our plate - so we put off starting the design process.
In hindsight, oh that wonderful thing, we could've started straight away and not even been close to an overlap of wedding and house.
We ended up using a local draftsman and private builder for our house. It took 2 years to build (including about 6 months where it was at a standstill at our instruction) and still has unfinished elements. To say it was painful to watch others design, build and move into their houses while we were still so far away from being able to move in would be an understatement- but I knew it would be worth the wait.
We changed a lot of big design and smaller design elements along the way. We actually ended up taking out white toilets and stainless window fittings to change them to black. Once we started one black accent, we kind of became obsessed! Almost everything was custom made for us - from the hand made baths, to the barn door (quoted by our builder as the biggest door he's ever fitted) to the bazillion kilo blackbutt timber dining table. 'Go big or go home' - or, 'go big AND go home' seemed to become our motto very quickly.

Another huge change along the way was the timber features - my favourite part of our external house. We planned to paint the barn, but once we saw the timber work we knew we had to leave it raw, and added in accents throughout the house to tie them together. Woodlands grey is the external colour and natural white is our internal wall colour (with timber architrave and loads of black pops).
Our house is full of recycled elements. I adore rustic and Matt prefers modern, so we blended our visions together to create a modern, industrial, barn style house - perfect for us! The floorboards and feature brick wall and fireplace are recycled and have so much character. Each day I discover something beautiful and different about them - nooks, grooves, paint flecks, old fire place char and so much more.
I was asked if I worry that lots of locals know where I live. To be honest, a little. But when I was at my old place - many knew I lived there too. Social media plays a role in that yes, but that's also small town life. And having a very territorial, reactive Frankie girl makes for the best alarm system money can buy haha.
Speaking of which - will the dogs scratch our floor? Possibly. But we have the understanding that our house won't be pristinely clean or perfect. We have a baby and 2 big inside dogs. A bonus to having the recycled timber is it already has imperfections - and I'm sure we'll add to them!
Last on the agenda is our "fuck your shed is big" monstrosity! For those that don't know - Matt works in cars, and his hobby lies there too. Basically he now has a 'home' for his babies that previously had to live elsewhere. He is a mechanic by trade, so he plans to have time to "tinker" in there too. 

Down the track, I'd love to get some proper photos taken of our house. But for now I hope you enjoy my rookie snaps - my way of sharing our latest pride and joy with you.
(Ps I had a few questions about interior design and organisation - but I thought I'd save that for another time xx) 

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