MY TOP 3 // Pregnancy Must Haves


Maternity Tights
I live in tights. Pretty much every day. So when my regular tights got too tight for my growing belly, I went straight to Active Truth because I love their non maternity products so much.
The tights are fabulous. Even when they were relatively loose around my tiny bump - they stayed up. Now at 28 weeks they're still perfect, and there's room to grow!

In early pregnancy, I couldn't get hydrated. I'd drink so much and the baby was obviously stealing it all for herself (greedy thing!). I'd only ever used hydralyte when I was sick or hungover, but it was recommended to me to try. I have it pretty much every day. I drink 2-3 litres of water plus a hydralyte and those dehydration symptoms are rarely in site! The purple is my favourite 💜
Period Undies
Who would've thought I would get wear of my Modibodi's while pregnant!?! But hello wee leaks! I've had 2 full on wee accidents (both at home - thank goodnesssssss!) - one spewing and one sneezing. But when 24 weeks hit, suddenly a drip of wee likes to make an appearance after each toilet trip! Apparently it's to do with pressure and the movement of your organs - all I know is I'm not alone and it's not welcome! So I wear my Modibodi undies often. I'll also be wearing them postpartum (once the heavy bleeding finishes).

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