Newborn Mama Advice Column

By expert mum of 9 days, Eloise.
Jokes! I've got nothing together. I'm crying a lot and have run out of clean undies today. But here's what I've learnt.

Say Yes!
You'll have offers from everyone to help. Postpartum isn't a time to let pride or ego get in the way. And don't feel like an inconvenience - the offer is there. And your answer is YES PLEASE! I've said yes to every single offer of food. My heart (and belly) is so grateful.
Rest and sleep when you can. Chances are your nights are looking more like a raging all nighter - without the raging and with more milk and poo. On top of that you're recovering from birthing a human. And hormones. And keeping a baby alive. Nap if you can. Rest if you can't.

Self Care
This doesn't have to be glamorous - although if you can get out for a beauty treatment - goooooooo for it!
But take care of yourself. You can't pour from an empty cup. Brush your teeth, eat a good nutritious meal, book in a health checkup.

It's ok to cry. This is hard because when I'm crying I feel like I'm failing. But it's normal. Hormones are crazy, exhaustion is full on, your life has completely changed. So cry. (Know post natal depression symptoms and speak to your GP/psychologist/psychiatrist straight away if you're even slightly concerned. Support is they key!). 
Ok got to go and yell at the dogs - Frankie has pulled pooey nappies out and torn them up all over the front yard. Oh wait, that was this morning 🤦🏼‍♀️
I'll be back with more expert advice another time, 

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