Solo Trip

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Maybe this seems trivial to you, but this was a gigantic leap for me.
First solo trip away. Just to Brisbane, but interstate was enough for me....for now!

I’m incredibly dependent by nature and sit in the passenger seat on holidays (both figuratively and literally!) - and if I’m honest with myself - in life as well.

I made a list of small things to do by myself, and have slowly been ticking them off. A meal by myself, movies by myself, a local retreat by myself - and now a holiday.

3 nights with me, myself and I.

DAY ONE was a travel day. Bowral to Tempe, Tempe to SYD Airport, SYD to BNE, BNE Airport to Calile Hotel. Each leg was scary in its own right - is never booked my own Uber, never checked in my own bag, never sat by myself on a plane, never checked into a hotel alone.

DAY TWO was why I went. Finders Keepers. I travelled to meet and shop from brands I love and respect, and who I’ve followed and chatted with day in and day out. But the real surprise was discovering so many new brands and chatting with new small business owners. I also ran into a few ladies who followed me on insta and it was so lovely to meet them.
Afternoon was a bit of shopping - yet another Uber (not even scary now!) and evening was drinks and dinner with a friend (who I had never actually met!!) at Honcho - mega cool bar and delicious Japanese inspired food and drinks.


DAY THREE was a completely solo day - coffee, a walk to the wharves, lunch at Mr Percival’s (location is amazing and I snagged a table with the best view), massage, spontaneous movie and dinner at the hotels restaurant, Hellinika - gosh the food was glorious! I was back to the room with enough time to pack up before bed.

DAY FOUR only left me enough time for breakkie. I was told Harvey’s was an institution and the pancakes didn’t disappoint! Check out and off to the airport (the check in process ever so slightly less daunting second time around) and home to see my wonderful husband and beautiful puppy dogs.

This trip taught me that I’m more capable than I thought I was. It showed me that even in the face of angst and fear, I can push through. I found such a sense of achievement in every part of my mini trip, and it has me hanging for another solo trip - overseas is definitely on the cards!! But first, a trip with Matt 


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