Squat Proof Tights

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Squat Proof Tights

Seriously, it’s beginning to annoy me. Why do brands bother releasing tights if they’re not going to stay up when you train or, even worse, go completely sheer when you bend over. Whyyyyyy!? 

I cant put a number on how many pairs of tights I’ve returned over the years because they fail one, often both, of these big tests.  


Im not here to name shame, but most brands, even the big successful ones, have this problem. 




Ok - let’s start at the beginning! Early January I put the question out on my Instagram stories, asking for favourite tights’ brands. And holy shit did I get a response. Most questions I ask get responded to by only a handful, but this had me developing hand cramps from responding!! 


So I compiled a list of everyone’s recommendations, which sparked a new range of responses - with people agreeing and disagreeing with the mentioned brands. I LOVE the enthusiasm that comes along with tights!!   

I researched each brand and developed a smaller list of tights to try. 2 brands required the risky online purchase (I have less than a 50% success rate ordering tights online from new brands), and the others could be tried on (and on and on and on) in store.  



The Best of the Best

These two following tights BOTH pass the tests and are both fantastic tights. I’ve provided information about my experiences of buying and the brands so that you can make up your own mind!! 

Active Truth

I had never heard of this brand, but jumped straight over to their social media and website to do some initial research after they had been HIGHLY recommended to me. 

Basically, Active Truth's claim is to have created tights that do the two things I was searching for! So, obbbbbviously, I ordered!  

They arrived super fast - yay! I opened them up to find that they were made from unicorn eyelashes (aka a polyester and elastin blend). Seriously, the fabric is amazing! I’d describe them as matte, but they do give off a slight shine in the sun - they feel somewhere in between shiny nylon and smooth cotton - I find myself patting my thigh all day long haha! They fit like a glove! I took them on a few workouts to test them out - finding out that they stood up to all the elements and, most importantly, ticked the anti-sheer and anti-fall down boxes!  

I ordered the Essential 7/8 Length (which is their pocket free style) for $110 - which I think is quite affordable for a pair of good tights.  They’re true to size - I got a large which is a 12-14 and that’s me! 

Bonus: they’re designed and made in Australia!! Oh, and the brand is sooooo BoPo it makes me happy! Their social media platforms are FULL of girls of all shapes and sizes. Which is so fantastic to see. 




The brand that needs no introduction....

First off I just have to say how helpful and knowledgeable the girls at Lululemon George st, Sydney were. I had two girls (spoilt!!) helping me with my cause and they were both dedicated to helping me find a pair that weren’t sheer and that stayed up! I’ll also say right now that if I bought online, I would’ve ended up with sheer tights - so going in store definitely has its perks (even if you have to travel an hour and a half both ways to get there haha!).  

The Fast and Free are made of Nulux and Lycra so they’re shiny. They call them “naked sensation” and they really do feel like you’re nudey rudey (with the exception only of the waist band).  

They have side pockets and a drawstring waist, but one of the ladies in store did tell me that if you need to use the drawstring, they’re probably too big (they gave me some great tips on choosing a size, I’d be happy to relay this info for anyone interested - just ask!). 

The Fast and Free 7/8 Tights II are $139, which is certainly not cheap, but also not up there with other pairs and brands. I bought a Lululemon size 6 (which is an Aus size 10) - so size down!! 

Bonus: I’ve had these tights before and I know they wash and last perfectly. 



Ps I really wanted to include a “budget” pair in this blog, but I just wasn’t 100% happy with any pairs under $100 that I tried on. 


After researching and/or trying on over 30 pairs, I’ve ended up with two pairs of fabulous tights that stay up when you burpee and don’t go sheer when you squat. If you try these tights - I’d just love to know what you think! I know that fits vary with body shape, so I’m sorry if they don’t work on you - but they are perfect for me!!  

Happy squatting, friends! (Or cycling, yoga-ing, walking or brunching. Let’s be honest - there’s not many activities tights aren’t perfect for!) XX 

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