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Jan 27 Anxiety I’m not sure who made up the rule that it’s not ok to talk about mental health, but I think that person is stupid. I talk about it, write about it, cry about it and laugh about it, and that brings me to my first tip thst helps me manage my anxiety.    (Should probably point out here that I’m not at all trained in psychology, this is purely from my own experience and chatting with others.)     TALK ABOUT IT   If you’re feeling anxious - tell someone! Whether it be your partner, a friend or...

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Dear Scales

anti diet diet culture scales

Following on from my Instagram post....   Dear Scales, I think we should break up.  For so long I stood on you every morning, letting you make or break my mood for the day. For about six months last year, you gave me fairly consistent "good news", making me feel like we were meant to be. As I got leaner, and you read out a lower number, I loved you more and more. I loved you so much that I took you with me the week before my wedding. (This is me at my leanest)  I haven't seen you much...

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